Offices for small and medium-sized company teams, located on one to six floors (ranging from 300 square meters to 1800 square meters).

Main Characteristics:

  • The office spaces are designed as “Open space” layouts and are spread across one to seven floors (ranging from 300 square meters to 2100 square meters).
  • The use of raised Lindner flooring conceals wiring for both power and low-voltage installations, maintaining a tidy and organized appearance.
  • Each floor features five operable windows, allowing for natural light and natual
  • The offices have a bright ceiling height of 3.20 meters.
  • Structural cabling is tailored to the client’s project requirements.
  • The building is equipped with a ventilation and air conditioning system utilizing VRF Toshiba
  • Each office is equipped with an individual air recovery unit, providing a healthy and refreshing air exchange of 50 cubic meters per workplace.
  • The walls and ceilings in the area around the elevator doors are finished according to the interior design.
  • Access to each floor is controlled, ensuring security and privacy.
  • Video surveillance with IP cameras covers common areas for enhanced security.
  • The building is professionally managed, ensuring efficient operation and maintenance.

The business world of successful enterprises today is based on a balance between corporate vision, advanced technology, and environmental preservation.

The possibility to create conditions for highly qualified personnel, with a focus on professional aspects, internal space, natural light, and inspiring views.

Creating an office space that motivates the team and company partners to achieve high results, ambitious projects, and optimal realization of potential and business opportunities is of paramount importance.

SKYWAVES instills confidence in the team that the company is stable and thriving.

Skywaves is a place where the team’s values are shared because it radiates messages – from innovation to loyalty, from sustainable development to caring for the environment, from dynamism to tranquility and security.

Your Business Location, representing you as one of the key players in Bulgaria, a meeting place that positions you as a leader in the field.

SKYWAVES offers a complete experience that elevates your business presence, making it a place of prestige, negotiation, leadership, and elegance, combined with a connection to nature and environmental care.Top of Form