How was SKYWAVES created?

From the DNA of the world’s most successful companies, for which the location of their headquarters and offices in other countries is a symbol of success, growth, and an announcement of conquering the largest market share in their operating sphere.

From the mindset and conviction of some of the most renowned entrepreneurs, who believe that an innovative office close to nature carries an immeasurably stronger message of success sustainability than thousands of square meters in a standard office building.

From the experience of some of the most successful managers in Sofia, for whom time spent in city traffic is wasted time, and the balance between professional commitments, lunches with partners, and personal time for sports and walks in nature is the most valuable.

SKYWAVES can be described as a class A business building of the highest standard of quality and energy efficiency. However, for successful owners of sustainable businesses, it can also be seen as a place for experiencing the company’s achievements comprehensively, as a location for building trust with partners, and as a space to inspire the team.

SKYWAVES is a recognition of the accomplishments achieved thus far and a statement that even more significant achievements are ensured at the highest level.